3D Printing



3D Printing


3D printing refers to the manufacturing process that additively forms or creates a physical object from a digital design. There are various 3D printing technologies and materials, and all are based on the same principle that, a digital model is reshaped to the solid three-dimensional object by adding layer after the layer.

Course Objectives

This course will demonstrate on the working of 3D printer, showing what people make with it and examine the 3D printing ecosystem. 3D printing course will also explore the future of it and discuss on how it will revolutionize the world. Upon the completion of this course, students will have the solid understanding of 3D printing, its potential, and ability to print 3D designs.

Diploma, Professional, and Master Diploma Courses

In the real world scenario, mechanical engineers are required to have the mastery over a different set of CAD software products. You may have to learn, say, more than one 3D modeling software or FEA software to meet special requirements of your project.

In addition to CAD software, students need to learn Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GDT) concepts for technical communication, and Project Management Principles, and Project Management software. At CADD Centre, we work out the right combination of software & concepts and offer you course packages (Diploma, Professional, and Master Diploma courses) that meet the requirements of the industry. Our combination courses in mechanical engineering are:

Role in the Industry

  • In the manufacturing industry, it renders ability to reduce cost.
  • In the aerospace industry, it creates lighter airplane part that is not possible in traditional methods.
  • In the healthcare industry, it has the ability to develop orthopedic implants and prosthetics.
  • In the retail sector, it creates complex shapes and geometry that is not possible with traditional manufacturing.

Course Highlights

In the process of equipping learners with the skills related to 3D printing, we have created a series that gives students an idea about the entire curriculum. At the end of this course, you will:

  • Understand the design aspects of the 3D printable file.
  • Know the process of consumer-level 3D printer.
  • Be able to understand the FDM methodology.
  • Know about 3D printing case studies.
  • Be aware of materials available for consumer 3D printing.


Learning 3D Printing from CADD Centre will support your objective in multiple ways. The training will give access to hands-on files and reference manuals and help in the advancing your skills from basic to advanced level. The certificate granted by CADD Centre will act as proof of your knowledge and competency with the subject.

  • The demand for 3D printing and additive manufacturing is about to flourish globally. In the future, 3D printing has potential to grow about 30% by creating high-tech jobs and start-ups across fields such as scientific modeling, architecture, education etc.
  • Who should be aiming for this course?

    It is suitable for students, professionals, managers, engineers, designers, and all those who want to enhance their skill set and find potential business opportunity.