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Our courses are designed to develop managers at all levels with the skills and knowledge they need to become more effective in their job role and to help take them to the next level in their careers, whilst minimizing time out of the office.

Courses provide managers with the tool kit needed to effectively lead teams, transform their performance and build individual self confidence by knowing that the programme is based on best practice.

Advanced Strategic Planning and ExecutionView OutlineRegister
Creating Atmosphere of Inclusiveness in the WorkplaceView OutlineRegister
Creating and Sustaining a Winning CultureView OutlineRegister
Cross Cultural Team BuildingView OutlineRegister
Decision Making and LeadershipView OutlineRegister
Developing a more Engaged and Innovative WorkforceView OutlineRegister
Effective Leadership Skills 2 DaysView OutlineRegister
How to Brand YourselfView OutlineRegister
ILM Understanding LeadershipView OutlineRegister
Leadership Skills 2 DaysView OutlineRegister
Leadership Skills for ManagersView OutlineRegister
Practicing Empowering LeadershipView OutlineRegister
Strategic Internal CommunicationView OutlineRegister
Team LeadershipView OutlineRegister
Appraising Performance EffectivelyView OutlineRegister
Building Successful TeamsView OutlineRegister
Change CommunicationView OutlineRegister
Change Management and CommunicationView OutlineRegister
Delivering Transformational ChangeView OutlineRegister
Developing A Reward StrategyView OutlineRegister
Developing Interpersonal RelationshipsView OutlineRegister
Enabling Organisational Change Through Strategic InitiativesView OutlineRegister