Elementary Level 2



Elementary Level 2

80 hours / 8 weeks / 2½ hours per day / Sun to Wed


You will focus on English for real-life situations using speaking, reading, writing and listening. Your class will have students at the same English level as you and the teacher will base lessons around the needs of the group. Group work will be balanced with individual support and encouragement from your teacher.


  • Students at an elementary level of English (demonstrated at a level assessment) looking to improve and develop their communication skills and accuracy
  • Students with a Polyglot Elementary 1 Final Result of 65% or more, gained in the preceding 6 months


  • Talk and write about your lives in the past, present and future
  • Know how to write formal and informal emails, linking ideas together
  • Listen to natural speech and conversation, and understand what is being said
  • Describe people and places
  • Words for shopping, food & meals, transport & travel, the weather, the past, present & future
  • Useful functions such as talking about what you like, your life, people, holidays, home & the weather, telling a story, asking for & giving directions, making suggestions
  • Grammar rules about the Past Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect & Future tenses, comparatives and superlatives (e.g. fast, faster, fastest), the verbs ‘have’ & ‘have got’, adverbs