Developing a more Engaged and Innovative Workforce



Developing a more Engaged and Innovative Workforce

2 Days


The business world right now is in the midst of a change so profound as to make the word “revolutionary” seem inadequate. Although it’s difficult to predict with any confidence the outcome of this change, one thing is certain: today’s rapidly transforming organizations will be the streamlined, agile, and innovative companies of tomorrow… and they will require a radically new kind of employee. That employee will need the ability to work both independently, with minimal supervision (if any), and jointly as a member of a team. That employee will be expected to solve problems and manage conflict without external guidance. And they will be required to take responsibility for their own personal development.


Experienced or up-and-coming managers within an organization, at any level of management, who want to contribute to the growth and success of their organization, through enhancement of its competitive advantage.



  • Behavior #1 – Know Yourself
  • Behavior #2 – Do Meaningful Work
  • Behavior #3 – Be Part of the Solution
  • Behavior #4 – Manage Conflict Productively
  • Behavior #5 – Learn How to Learn
  • Behavior #6 – Manage to Change