This course will provide you with English language practice to prepare you for the IELTS tests.  It will cover the four skills, listening, reading, writing and speaking.  It will increase your ability to use and understand English for university, as well as in a practical, everyday context. The course will build on your existing English language skills to perform academic tasks.


Pre intermediate level and Upper intermediate

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Course Duration

20 hours / 2 hours per day (evening classes) / Sunday-Thursday

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  • Predicting the situation
  • Completing forms and tables
  • Completing notes and sentences.
  • Matching lists and classifications
  • Labeling a diagram, map or plan.
  • Identifying detail, multiple choice questions and answers
  • Identifying main ideas, short-answer questions
  • Understanding stress and intonation
  • Completing a flowchart
  • Summary completion
  • Using your own knowledge of the topic.


  • Interpreting visual information: tables, line graphs, charts and   diagrams
  • Writing an overview
  • Selecting and illustrating the main points of a topic
  • Comparing and grouping information
  • Planning a letter
  • Choosing the right language and expressions
  • Writing a coherent paragraph
  • Planning an essay
  • Presenting ideas as a written argument
  • Making the main argument clear. -Linking ideas.


  • Finding information in paragraphs
  • Selecting headings for paragraphs
  • Scanning for specific detail, short answer questions
  • Completing a flowchart, diagram or table
  • Multiple choice questions and answers
  • Identifying main and supporting ideas – True, False, Not given
  • Extracting key information, note completion
  • Acquiring global reading skills
  • Selecting headings for paragraphs
  • Completing sentences
  • Summarizing
  • Locating information in paragraphs
  • Matching sentence endings
  • Analyzing the passage – Yes, No, Not given.


  • Answering questions on familiar topics
  • Becoming more fluent by linking ideas
  • Planning and preparing to talk
  • Using notes
  • Using rhythm and timing to help make talk flow
  • Understanding abstract and analytical questions
  • Making your ideas clear
  • Exploring a theme
  • Giving a reasoned response, giving two sides of an argument
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Course (20 hours) only: AED 1,250

Assessment/s to measure progress

  • By the end of the course you will:
  • Be familiar with the format and directions of the IELTS test;
  • Be familiar with the types of questions that are asked in each section;
  • Be able to identify personal strengths, weaknesses and areas requiring – improvement;
  • Be aware of the English language skills that are necessary to be successful in the test;
  • Be prepared to answer the IELTS test questions

Course Schedule

IELTS Exam DateIELTS Preparation DatePreparation DayRegister
7th November 2019 – Academic & General Training20th October 2019Sunday-Thursday 6pm-8pmRegister
7th December 2019 – Academic & General Training---