Appraising Performance Effectively



Appraising Performance Effectively



  • To develop knowledge and understanding of roles of accounting and other key functions in business and management of its people and systems
  • To develop knowledge and understanding of the principles and concepts relating to the use of double-entry accounting techniques including the preparation of basic financial statements
  • To develop knowledge and understanding of basic cost information to support management in planning and decision-making in a various business.
  • To understand the basics of tax, audit or financial management


This course is best suited for secondary school leavers, or those willing to work in accounts departments of the public sector or private organizations as a supporting staff, people without any background in accounting or already working in an organization at an entry level position and willing to improve their skills in basic financial and management accounting and to get certification.


  • FA1: Recording Financial Transactions
  • MA1:Management Information
  • FA2:Maintaining Financial Records
  • MA2:Managing Costs and Finances
  • FAB:Accountant in Business
  • FFA:Financial Accounting
  • FMA:Management Accounting (Two out of following three papers)
  • FTX:Foundation in Taxation FAU: Foundation in Audit
  • FFM: Foundation in Financial Management